Located well within the centre of the bustling Sushant City, the Roman Court is planned as a next-door destination for daily convenience shopping, fun breaks and work. Once ready, the Roman Court will be an integral part of the lives of over 5000 families, who will turn to it for services and products required on regular/ daily basis. The cool colonnades, the classical architecture and charm of this destination also ensure that the Roman Court emerges as the idyllic neighborhood spot, for everyone to hang out together. The Roman Court offers 2 storeys of retail/ shop space as well as 2 storeys of office space for buyers.

Ansal Roman Court presents the perfect settings for you to showcase your products and services, in a manner that wins over customers. Cool and stately looking colonnades with wonderful shopping experience. The spaces spread on over 2 floors, are ideal for chemists, clinics, grocery stores, boutiques, hair cutting saloons, telecom centres, bakeries, dry cleaners, tailoring shops and more. Roman Court is an office address that would well be pride of any business card. It offers 2 floors of premium office space at a prime location that is well connected to the business hubs of the region. Spacious and aesthetically planned with stately looking corridors and lobby, these office spaces are designed as a perfect place to welcome business associates and delegates. The spaces are ideal for officials, professionals and the corporate.

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